Layout Feature Request: Improving Dimensions for architects

When I do short dimensions in LO, the over large text box (I wish that would shrink at minimum) that contains the dimension covers/blocks the dimension line, the extension line and the tick. Dimensions on architectural plans can get pretty tight and crowded but I don’t like to put the dimension outside the ticks unless it is overlapping the ticks. My preference would be to do away with the text box completely at least with respect to visibility (unless I opt to use it as a visible text box surround or apply a color to it to stand out). Please, at least give me the ability to turn off it’s opaqueness when it’s located over the other elements of the dimension - please. If this exists already, I have not been able to figure out how to do it. Secondly, I would like the thickness and length of the tick mark to be completely in my control and independent of each other and of both extensions. These items would be most appreciated.

The only way I know of to get rid of the dimension text box opaqueness is to right click the dimension and explode it.
Check out this Matt Donley video on dimensions.

This will answer most or all of your questions.

Thanks, but actually it doesn’t address either concern. I’m simply requesting these features in the next release.

Thanks for that link.

I never knew that that you could configure the extension line beyond the tick!

You can do all sorts of stuff to change the appearance of the extension lines. :wink:

It is in the video. I customized my dimension style to conform to my somewhat idiosyncratic preferences, and it works every time.

Just had to deal with Autocads 68+ dimension variables a few days ago… never want to go there again…