Dimension refinements in LayOut

I am an architect using SketchUp and LayOut to produce commercial construction documents. There are many things that I like about this, but there are some that are fairly frustrating. I want my dimensions to look a certain way and I want to be able to create them that way easily and consistently. I know that you can get the dimensions the way you like them and use the eyedropper tool to set the preferences for all future dimension. The problem is that this does not always work at least not with all aspects of the dimension - for example, I like the text to be located very close to the dimension line (commercial construction docs can get very crowded) but LO will not repeat this preference, so I have to open each dimension and “scoot” the text closer to the dim line. Secondly; The box surrounding the text is too big. When you have tight dims it makes it hard to get the look I need, and sometimes it covers or hides parts of the dimension where it overlaps. I say sometimes, because it doesn’t always do this. I can’t seem to figure out when it will be opaque and when it won’t. I don’t think that the text box should ever hide or cover anything or at least this should be a preference that can be turned off. I realize that the last thing you want to do is recreate the overly complicated dimensioning that exists in AutoCAD but a few more options would be appreciated. The last thing that I would like to see that I will mention now is the tick marks. I use a diagonal tick that is pretty heavy compared to the dimension and extension lines. If I set the tick to be as heavy as I like it, it becomes way too long, both the tick and the extensions. I’d like to be able to set the length and line weight of the tick separately. Thanks

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I’d agree with all of that. Likewise, text handling and leader lines has many similar issues. They all need to go up a level in terms of being able to refine the output.

This is a commercial extension costing 5 euro. (At time of writing.)
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