Changing dimensions style defaults so that measurements are justified to one end of the dimensions lines

I am hoping to change the default of the measurement tool so that the dimension text is justified to one end of the dimension lines. The attached png illustrates what I’m looking for. It is possible to move the dimension text to where I’d like but I can only do this individually and only after I make the dimension. It’s super time consuming. I’d like the text in the position where the “12’-0"” mark is, but I would accept the “13’-4"” position (this is a “snap to” spot).
Anyone know if this is possible?

At this point in time there isn’t an option to do that. Might be worth putting in a feature request, though.

Thanks for your speedy response Dave.
I figured it wasn’t possible, but I’m happy to have that confirmed. I’ll put it in for a feature request.

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