Default MM?

Every time I try to start a new page this thing defaults back to millimeters.
I live in the US. We use standard.
I dunno why not just make the default inches in the US?
Would that make any sense?

So how to I go into the coding of this program and delete all the metric sh t so i can actually start a new page without having to go back and manually change it to standard every time?

When you change the units in File/Document Setup you will see that the units that appear in the measurement box down in the right hand corner will change to what you have chosen, but there is a separate setting for Dimensions, on the right of the screen in the Tray called Dimension Style. You can change the display style there.
You might notice while wandering about that there is an option to Save as Template, this allows you to make all the setting changes you want and save them as your default template.