Layout dimensions - how to delete the unit measurement -"mm"

This one will be difficult I think???

How to set up dimensions in layout so that when drawing a dimension the units measure are NOT displays (automatically). When you draw a dimension it show for example: 2000mm
I want to delete the “mm”. As it take up to much room. Yes I can delete it manually, but how to set it up so that the “mm” (millimetres) is not display at all.

Not difficult at all. Turn off the display of units in the Dimensions window. Button is on the far right of the window.

Dave, thanks for that. OMG I’ve been looking for it everwhere.

Almost everywhere, huh? You should poke around the rest of that window, too, and see what else you might have been missing.

Yeah, those buttons are a little hard to figure out at first because there’s no text on them. If you hover over each button with your mouse cursor, there should be a tooltip to give a bit more information.

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