Text Fonts and Leader Lines (arrow) Model Info on 2017 Make



2017 Make is not updating Text Fonts and Leader Lines (arrow) under Model Info.


Could you be more specific about what’s happening and exactly what you’re doing?


Yes, I measured a dimension using the tool which drew the default
cross angle at the end point. In version 2016, you can go to
Window\Model Info\ and set the Form and Type of Leader Line (Arrow is
my preference). In the new 64-bit 2017, resetting the Form and
Leader is not changing anything. This OS is a Windows 7 Pro 64-bit
running the 2017 64-bit Make.

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Wait a minute. You say, “I measured a dimension using the tool which drew the default cross angle at the end point.” And then you went to “Window\Model Info” to “set the Form and Type of Leader Line” Labels have leaders. Dimensions don’t. Changing the arrow style for labels will do nothing for dimensions. If you want to change the arrow heads on the dimension line, go to Window>Model Info>Dimensions. Select the arrowhead style, click Select all dimensions and the click Update selected dimensions.

If you are doing it correctly, it will work just fine.


Changing the options in the Model Info dialog does nothing to existing dimensions. You should select the label or dimension and use the Entity Info tray instead.



At least on 2017 (don’t have earlier at hand to check), the Model Info->Dimensions panel has buttons for “select all dimensions” and “update selected dimensions”. If you change the text font and leader lines settings and then click these two buttons in succession, all existing dimensions will be updated. Or, you can select them using the Selection Tool and then click the second button.


You are correct. I was trying to do the update
through the Text rather than the Dimensions sub.

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Thanks, I was in the wrong sub group (Text). Works perfect under Dimensions.
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