Unable to change font in model info

When I change the font size in window/model info/text it does not make any change in the font size when I pull a dimension or leader text. I’ve clicked ‘select all screen text’.
I can do it through entity info when I select some text in the model but it is always defaulted to Tahoma 12pt.

I’ve also tried creating a custom template but the font is always Tahoma 12,

Am I missing something?


Have you made the same sort of edits for Dimensions and Leader Text? They are separate from Screen Text

After you select the text you have to choose Update Selected, too.

I don’t see an option for dimension text- just Screen and Leader text. I’ve changed those and clicked ‘update selected text’ at the bottom.

Looking in the wrong place.

Geez, I’ve been wrestling with this off and on for some time.Can’t believe I missed that.

Thanks Dave!

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