Set font characteristics for leader text or dimension text



Finally I can set font characteristics for text in 2016.

But It only works for screen text and the size can only be defined in points.

I still can’t set font characteristics for leader text or dimension text.
Dimension text especially should usually be set to a height in units not points as you can in the Model Info window.

And I still can’t access or set the defaults in the Model Info window.

So this “improvement” is no help for me.
Somebody please tell me if I’m missing something.


This particular improvement was for a long requested exposure of properties of the screen text used for Ruby tools.

Which remain on the requested list.

Many of the defaults in SketchUp can only be set via a model template. This is awkward for scripting, and no help for an existing model file.


Is there an official “requested list” published somewhere?


Sorry, no. The “official” one is a company internal database.

(But I have personally witnessed the logging of these requests several times over the last 7 years.)

But there is a saying, “The squeaky wheel gets the grease.”

So, I’m moving this thread to the Developer > Feature Requests category.


I squeeked last February.

So the new feature got my hopes up.


Several years ago I suggested a raft of missing API features at a Boulder Basecamp…
Which were duly noted by the SketchUp guys at the public meeting
These including access to Text’s:
pt or size setting
… no joy thus far…