Layout Text Style Not Saving

When I set a style I want to use for ‘Text Style’ it doesn’t keep my setting the same, instead it returns to default setting.

I’ve only started using Layout, I like it a lot so far but this is frustrating as it seems like something that should have a save setting option, I hope It does.

Many thanks

How are you setting the text style?

It does if you do it correctly.

The correct way would be to select the Text tool (or Label or Dimension tool), make the desired settings and then place the text. If you place text and modify it afterward, you can change the settings for subsequent text by getting the Text tool, typing s and then sampling the modified text. That will update the settings for subsequent text boxes. If you have a bunch of other text you want to modify to match some text you’ve already changed, you can select the eye dropper tool from the toolbar, sample the text you modified and then click on the other text boxes to apply the settings.

If you want to use the same text settings for all of your projects, make your own template in which you’ve already made those adjustments.