Font issues transferring files between Mac OS and Windows

We hired a new sketchup user with a mac. She has always used mac, but never sketchup. We, based on Trimble’s lack of transparency on the major differences between mac and PC versions, decided it was best that we buy her a mac and install the mac version. In case you haven’t tried switching to mac, don’t just don’t. We spent $3k on a horrible user experience. How would you like to be limited to a handful of icons in the single row toolbar? Personally, on my PC I have 4 rows of icons. Impossible on the mac. How would you like the fonts, colorpicker, and document settings to be completely different interfaces? How would you like all of the keyboard shortcuts to be completely different with no consistency at all? Sometimes, you press the option key instead of the CTRL shortcut. Sometimes it’s the command key. Sometimes, it’s still the CTRL key. You take a piece of software that’s all about gestures and muscle memory and make it completely different on a different platform. NO THANKS. What a mess. We’re trying to show her how fun and freeing it can be to use sketchup and layout, as opposed to what all the other software on the market has to offer, but instead, she just sees us getting frustrated at the poorly designed interface and nonsensical shortcut keys.

If free software like Blender and LibreOffice can get the interface the same all platforms, sketchup is just being lazy. I know why they did it. I used to code on windows and mac. It’s PURE LAZINESS. Nothing else. Build your own interface, guys. It will only take one year max and everyone will be happy afterwards. The mac supports none of the cool toolbar features windows has. Fix it yourself like adobe, autodesk, blender, open office, librecad, reaper, gimp, inkscape, corel, avid, steam, PureRef, Firefox, Krita, ClipStudio, Presonus, Ableton, and Afinity did. (to name just a few)

Ok. That’s the end of my rant about the abysmal port to mac. Don’t think I’m a mac hater. It’s what I use at home. I’ve also worked as an audio engineer and greatly prefer mac for that and most other tasks.

Now to the meat of this post. We have drawings going back years that use the Trebuchet MS font. When our new user opens the file on mac, there is no problem. She can edit as usual. It’s as soon as anyone tries to follow behind her on a PC. The file will open with no errors on the windows version and all the text looks ok but not perfect. Any time a text box or the text itself is edited while on pc, we get a font subsitution box pop up which recommends Verdana instead of Trebuchet (which is obviously already installed). How do we fix this?

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get her a PC. it’ll solve your problems, and lower your stress level :wink: .
and you’re already sold on the idea to not use SU for mac anymore. and it’ll be cheaper than going mac. Teach her the basics of windows, teach her your workflow on a PC.

edit 3 : I realise the tone of my initial message was sharp, I just argued with an idiot. allow me to explain. I work on both, with a preference for my mac, muscle memory and all. but whenever I have to work in a team on a project, I’ll use the same as them. This summer I’ll work on a furniture project for a school, I’m giving a hand, I know they all have macs, so I’ll bring the mac mini and a screen. I have a client whose firm is on PC, when I meet them, I bring the PC. It’s easier, same machines, same language, same tools, no weird thing like you describe.

So yeah, if she had been a competent SU on mac user, she could have remained on a mac, but from what you describe, I would recommend putting her on a PC. Training will be simpler for you, as well as interoperability. Sell the mac, buy a PC, and with the extra money, buy icecream. it helps with the learning process. trust me, I teach :clown_face:

edit : if, however, you maintain her on a mac… does the problem happen only with trebuchet ? other too ? can you show us screenshots of the pc/mac difference ?

re-edit : ok, I have a lead.
Fonts, like softwares, have different versions.

Having macosX gives you one version while installing a miscrosoft product gives you another

if you go to /System/Library/Fonts/Supplemental (menu go / go to folder) you’ll find one version, in my case, the 5.00x. it appears this is the version installed at the root, in the OS (not just for me)
if you go to ~/Library/Fonts/ you’ll find the version installed just for this user. 1.23 for me

Plus, I also found a copy in /Library/Fonts/Microsoft , a folder containing the fonts microsoft office installed in 2021 (when I installed id for a quick job). In that case, the trebuchet version was 1.26

On my PC, the Trebuchet MS installed seems to be 5.15
could it be the issue ? that she is using an older version of Trebuchet MS and windows don’t accept it ?
Did you install some microsoft office stuff on her computer ? or is she using the standard Trebuchet MS font maybe ? it’s all just speculation.

a definitive test would be to move all the current trebuchet (and trebuc) she has, and install the one from your PC (just transfer the otf or ttf file and double click on mac). if it works, then that was it. if it doesn’t work, you can always move the older versions back.

4 rows of icons? I have space enough in one. Mac is difficult at the beginning bit when you are use to it you’ll never want to have a windows computer anymore…

It seems that would be a definitive test, but no. You CANNOT remove the existing Trebuche MS.ttf 5.00x. If you know a work around to this, I’m all ears. It looks like Apple has licenced a screen only version of the microsoft font. So bad webdesigners can still have their poorly chosen fonts.

I’m a diehard mac user. You’re preaching to the choir…except…

The lazy programmers in the sketchup team have programmed the software using the base gui libraries on the respective operating system. The mac GUI elements are hugely limited. Use sketchup on windows. You’ll see what I mean. There is absolutely zero chance we as a fulltime sketchup shop would EVER consider switching to mac for sketchup. It’s just too terrible on that platform. Almost useless.

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