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I am a professor and I´ve been teaching SketchUp online during the pandemic period. My problem is part of my students have been using SketchUp for Windows and others are using SketchUp on Mac OS. We observed a huge difference in the interface of the app, also the shortcuts are different.

Could you please help me with some tip about how can I make this interface compatible (similar) so that I can conduct my classes properly?

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Probably the easiest solution would be to get those on Macs to use Bootcamp and a Windows version of Sketchup.

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Are they trying to use Sketchup Free in a browser on an iPad? Or do you mean that they are using SketchUp on Mac OS?, OS is different than iOS.

The standard keyboard shortcuts are the same between operating systems. The key difference on Mac OS is the modifier keys. In most cases, Ctrl on Windows equals Option on Mac, Alt on Windows equals Command on Mac. Shift is the same for both.

If this is a Window vs Mac OS thing, Simon’s suggestion is the option you have. If it’s a case of some users using the web-based version and some using the desktop version, there’s no way to make them look the same.

The important UI differences between the operating systems for desktop version are not really that huge. I teach users on both platforms and don’t really have any difficulty with it.


They are using Mac OS. Besides the modifier keys differences, the windows version has the default tray, which is really helpful for begginers. This tool is unavailable at Mac OS.

That’s correct. The tray is not available on Mac but they can open the inspector windows and stack them together to get essentially the same thing. When I used to use SketchUp on My Mac, I made the main SketchUp window slightly narrower so there was room for the inspector window stack on the right side. I did this for years on the PC, too, before the tray was introduced.

This was my SU2015 arrangement on the PC. It was very similar on my Mac.

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