How can I insert a text into a form


I am ready to print a form with a 3D printer.
I would like to have a text, inside the part. Below, I place a text at face level.

I am not sure how to do it.
For the first letter, the E, I remove the front face, and my idea is to remove all front face of all letters, and then move the text into the main front face. The idea would be to keep independant, in the way I could recenter it.

Presumably this is for 3D printing? If you want to make the letters embossed in the form You can first unglue the text and then move it back into the face. Explode the text so you have loose geometry with the face. Then select it all, use Intersect Faces and erase the waste. That will leave you with something like this.

You can still move the text around on the face by editing the component/group, selecting the geometry for the text, and move it.

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