Feature Request - Leader Text alignment in SketchUp

I add labels to my sketchup plans but they always hang off the side of where they are placed. The text is anchored to where it is placed (left justified) using the first character as the anchor. The longer the text, the more it hangs off the side. Rotating the view also changes the text placement.

This plays havoc with things like Plot Labels, Contour line labels, Room Areas and labels, etc, which need fairly precise placement.

(btw, these types of labels are typically added in SketchUp, not LayOut)

I’d like an option to make the text centered on the point where it is placed.

If that’s too difficult, then having some leader text justification settings (align left, right, center, top, middle) would be okay.


Why is that?

Because they are:

  • dynamically linked to sketchup objects
  • numerous (can be 100s or 1000s)
  • need to be checked in relation to the sketchup model (and adjusted sometimes; it’s not as simple as Face Area)
  • created & updated through extensions

Examples include:

  • Contour labels
  • Slope/Gradient values
  • Color values (RGB/etc)
  • Group names
  • Bearings and distances
  • Spot heights
  • Room Areas
  • Plot Areas
  • Other names and labels

LayOut doesn’t have the ability to add these - even if it could label things like Z value or Room, it become too slow and clunky with that many text objects (and the problems of stray leader text become far too risky on professional projects).

SketchUp’s text/leader capability seems to be pretty much untouched since SketchUp’s earliest days, but these definitely have a place in a pro workflow.

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This photo was taken in SketchUp?

Should this thread be moved to the FR section?


I think the solution would be a text object that behaves analogically to 3D text or dimensions that have their scale set in model units.
The developers seem to think all this ought to be done with LayOut labels.
SketchUp has not had a new model object type added during its long lifetime. Dynamic Components piggyback on the standard component type, and Fat Faces never made it to be released.

Having text and dims within SU is a bit of an anachronism in a 3D environment. Maybe they pre-date the advent of LO? But I can also see the OP’s point about being able to do things with them in SU that you can’t in LO. Maybe the answer is to make them better in LO. But that re-opens another old can of worms…

I have a wishlist for labels in LayOut as well :slight_smile:

Or a way to combine different labels/info in SketchUp


Your text labels vary in orientation unlike what is possible with SketchUp’s text entities.
Are values in text entities update by extentions if needed? (example: changed face area)
Are there any dimensions uses with replaces values by text?
Can text in dimensions be altered by extentions?

Nice image, Jack. Reminds me of the film Dogville. Check it out.

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