Problems with llines, rectangles, dimensions and lables

SketchUp Pro 18 with Win 10.

  1. When attempting to label parts the labels are placed elsewhere on the window not where I attempt to place them.
  2. It is nearly impossible to use the dimension tool, the points won’t attach to points on the model.
  3. When lines are drawn on the model they are not placed there.
  4. When the rectangle tool is used the resulting rectangle does not conform to the confines of the rectangle as I tried to define them.

Can you upload a sample model with oddly-proportioned entities (use the seventh icon from the left, which looks like an up-pointing arrow coming out of a tray)? Or maybe a screen-capture of what the SketchUp viewport looks like when placing labels or dimensions? These might give clues to what is going on.

  1. The only place I can attach a dimension is at the point of origin.
  2. I attempted to attach the label just below the guide line in the model, it placed it below the truss as you can

Lable problem.skp (2.8 MB)

Hopefully the attachment worked.

You need to provide an anchor point for the leader or it anchors to the ground plane as has happened in your model.

If you want the label attached to a point just below the guideline, place some entity that you can anchor the leader to. Then delete the entity when you have the label in place.

As for the dimensions, they work on edges which you’ve turned off in your style. Turn the edges on so they can be accessed by the dimension tool.

We didn’t have to do this on 2017, it would attache where ever you clicked for the attachment and providing attachment points on each piece in complex models rapidly becomes very cumbersome.

Ahh, turn on the edges to place the dimensions and turn them back off when printing or sending out a PDF.


Actually the label tool has always required an anchor for the leader.

Why aren’t you using LayOut for this? It doesn’t require an anchor point for leaders. They can be placed anywhere. And you can get better looking labels and dimensions and better PDF export in general.

I hadn’t gotten around to trying layout, everything has been in a hurry as these were done to help determine what was needed to complete the job rather than as a model for someone else to view.

But I will check that out now.

Turning on edges will also let you attach text to anyplace along any edge. The text will disappear when you turn edges back off, however.

Out of curiosity, why are you determined to view you SketchUp model with edges turned off (there are some reasons I know of, just wondering what you are doing).

The rectangle tool problem is illustrated here.
Rectangle problem.skp (2.8 MB)

I placed the first point on the axis origin, the second point of the rectangle was placed on the diagonal point.
However the rectangle far exceeds this area.

All of the edges on tend to make it difficult for me to concentrate on the portion I need to work on.
But I will experiment some more.


You really need to change the style and work with edges turned on. Turn them on now and you’ll see there is a rectangle drawn between the origin and the guidepoint.

Why are you making everything so hard for yourself with the edges turned off?

With the edges turned off, you can’t see what you’ve already done.

@DaveR got there first, but I agree this is also a consequence of turning off edges. It means that you can’t tell where the boundaries of your new rectangles are located! If you click on the rectangles’ faces you will see them highlight correctly, but without edges or selection they are indistinguishable from the surrounding rectangle!

Edit: here’s an animation showing the situation

no edges

I researched further and part of the problem was that the template had a rectangle in place that was not visible until I tried to draw a new one.

I also see what was the problem with the edges, they need to be on as you have all indicated. But, some how the highlight edges had also been turned on and that was what was creating the problems.

The edges off must have been creating the problem with seeing the lines as I drew them also.

Thanks again you are all great!

I will check out the layout portion also.

It would have been visible if the edges were turned on.


Of course it did.

It was the color edges that made it become cluttered and confusing while working.

Please clarify: what do you mean by “color edges”? Do you mean the style’s color by material setting?

Yes, by material or axis.

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