Dimension labeling

Is there an easy way to display dimensions or create a label showing them? I have a made a rough diagram for a house and for example, want to show or label the wall heights and lengths. I know I can find this information, but I want to have it visible so I can take a jpeg of it with my chosen dimensions showing.

Using SU pro 2020 on W10

Dancavendish9hip open entry2.skp (225.4 KB)

On my phone at the moment so I can’t look at your file at the moment. You could insert Dimensions and labels in SketchUp but my preference would be to add them in LayOut instead. There’s better control over these things in LayOut and they will look nicer in the final output.


I finally had a chance to look at your model. I guess “rough” is a good description. One thing you could do with a model like this is use the text tool to add labels (this can be done in SU or in LO although LO’s labels tend to look better. These tools can report the length of edges as shown below.

It kind of depends on how you plan to use the model. If labels like this are good enough for the job, great. Otherwise use the Dimension tool.