Sketchup Label Text Getting Blown Up in LayOut

I googled this. But! On deadline and no answer in sight.

I fully dimensioned and labeled my Sketchup model. Now, when I bring it into LayOut, the label text looks insane. I need to produce documents that maintain a minimum font size, and the scale of the text gets completely blown (up, in this case) to where it’s all over the place. How do I reset desired text properties in LayOut for print? Thank you!

The best option is to add labels and dimensions in LayOut, not SketchUp. If you are dead set on putting your labels and dimensions in SketchUp, you might find it useful to set the text to a height instead of points. You can edit those things in Model Info.

Adding these things in LO instead of SketchUp will give you better control over them and they will have a better appearance than if you are adding them in SU.

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Thank you so much! I’ll know better for the next project. The height suggestion saved me. I appreciate it!