Basic Question - My text garbles up when I zoom out, any way to fix?

Is there anyway for me to keep my text small and ungarbled and out of the way (even hidden) when I zoom out? I only want the text to be dominate when I zoom in.

(far away - looks messy and gets in the way)

Thank you in advance for any help!

Edit the labels and set the text to have a specific height instead of a font size. Then the text will change size as you zoom in and out.

You can use tags and scenes so they appear only when you are on a close scene and disappear when it’s on a far scene.

Since you are using Sketchup Make, look for Layers, not Tags.

Thank you! Fantastic! I did upgrade to sketchup pro recently. Addicted. Thats all I can say. Much appreciated!

Please update your forum profile. That information helps us help you.

And then you would be looking at Tags. You should consider adding the text and dimensions in LayOut, though. Much better and easier coontrol over how they appear.

Thank you Dave R.
Just updated my profile.

I have done some 3D models (one room etc) but nothing extensive in sketchup. I am working on a set of house plans to show and discuss with my architect. I have been doing the 2D (old school) plans in sketchup. Should I be doing it in layout THEN when I am ready do the 3D model? I still struggle with doing initial 3D floor plan design in sketchup so I figured I would do it in 2D first. (you can see roughly what I am doing above). I CAN do 3D, but I feel its harder.

My suggestion is to start with the 2D plan in SketchUp but go 3D almost immediately. Don’t be drawing 2D plan and elevation views as you would on paper. That makes your work so much more difficult. Create your elevation and plan views from the 3D model as scenes and then use those for the viewports in LayOut. Even if you think or know things aren’t in their final locations, it’ll be easier and faster to edit the 3D model than editing all of your manually drawn 2D views so you’re less likely to make errors.

Thank you!

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