Is there a way to maintain scale of text from SketchUp to Layout?

I am new to the use of Layout. I have usually been adding dimensions and text in SketchUp. Since standard SketchUp text size depends on the zoom in the drawing I typically zoom in to a given view that I wish to export (usually to a JPEG image) and do my texting there. I make a scene that has that zoom factor so when I want to output a given view the text is right for that view. I have tried that with sending a view from SketchUp to Layout butt the text seems to resize to the space in the Layout view rather than how it is sized in the SketchUp view. Is there some way to keep the relative size of text intact with a given SketchUp view when passed into Layout?

Actually I see that the relative relationship of the text to the drawing stays OK when I first insert it into the Layout view. The problem occurs when I change the scale of the inserted drawing to what is right for the current layout view. Then the text does not scale the same as the rest of the drawing. I can not leave the scale as it first comes into Layout. I usually have to downsize it.

I don’t know of a way to do this. You may just need to change your workflow to suit Layout if that’s what you’re going to use going forward. Save all your notes and dimensions for when you get to Layout, and life will be a little easier. 3D text will always work, as its scale is set, but that’s about it. The normal text tool is handy for labeling the model, but not very helpful when it comes to making an actual set of drawings. At least, not in my practice.

It’s nearly impossible to control. The first time I used Layout I thought I was going to be able to control Sketchup dimensions and leader placement, but I cannot.

The only thing that works well in this regard is that the text size and font in Sketchup are always the same, they relate to final output in Layout. So “Ariel 12” in Sketchup means “Ariel 12” in Layout, no matter what scale you print.

Since using Layout, I learnt it was best to dimension and have leaders in Layout than in Sketchup.

Sometimes I still use Sketchup texts though. Usually for height tags at points, and sometimes for areas (rare occasions)