Is there a way to keep the scale of dimensions fixed in SketchUp?

I know that when you mark dimensions in SketchUp, the text or numbers usually adjust according to the zoom you set, but this time I need them to remain locked at a predetermined size since I need to obtain the DWG with the measurements included. Due to time constraints in a delivery, I can’t afford to explore other programs or even LayOut itself, so I need to export the DWG directly from SketchUp with the dimensions. However, this will be impossible if I can’t find a way to fix the size of the measurements. Lets say i want to “rasterize” the measures…

A somewhat tedious approach: use the 3D Text tool to manually create pseudo-dimension geometry. The 3D Text tool can be used to create 2D text. Once created, the text is not editable (there are third-party extensions that do permit editing geometric text) but the text’s geometry can be positioned and scaled exactly as any other geometry. Use edges to create the leaders and lines.

Have you looked at using Height instead of Points for the Dimension text?
Screenshot - 10_19_2023 , 8_38_27 AM
Choosing Height fill result in the dimensions resizing with the zoom level just as it does with the model so the dimension text will remain proportional to the apparent size of the model. With Points the text remains the same height on screen regardless of zoom level.

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