How can I freeze dimension size without them getting larger panning out

I hope you kind folks can help me yet again:) I would like to print out the whole tool with dimensions on them.
When I pan out the dimensions get too large. When I go to expert dimensions setting it gives me a choice of hiding when too small or foreshortened. I probably should be in Lay Out but never had the opportunity to sit down and learn it.

You will need to set the dimension text height to a given inches instead of display points.

Click the “Select all dimensions” button. Then click the “Fonts…” button.
On the Text dialog choose “Height” instead of “Points” enter an appropriate size in the model units below the “Height” choice. Click “OK”.

Then click the “Update selected dimensions” button.

Thank you extremely much Dan ! What a relief to not deal with the dimensional text size problem’s any longer.
I truly appreciate the valuable time you set aside to help me. I have been using Sketchup for many years and have designed dozens of products for me and all my customers. I used to be able to talk to the gentleman who originally developed the Sketchup program when I had problems. Now its a whole community of kind people like yourself, I love it :smile:
Thank you once again!

No problem. You might wish to update the normal template you use to begin models with.