Exporting 2d models whilst keeping the demensions

I am having a problem, i would like to export my 2d images but i can’t get the text for the demensions right.
Could you please help me?

We’d love to help! Just let us know what the text for the dimensions would look like if they were “right”?

I would like to make it so that it does not overlap and people can read it.

Zoom in, or set a smaller size for the dimension font.


Dimensions are a constant size on your screen. To make them look smaller (relative to the drawing), then, as @Gully_Foyle said, you need to zoom in.

To get control over actual text size, you can use LayOut to create scaled output.

@Gully_Foyle and @TheOnlyAaron thanks for yout help!
Friendly people at a public forum, this changed my view on public forums!

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Thanks @Cray! And your positive feedback has changed my view of dudes with cats in their profile pics! :smile_cat: