Why are dimension measurements so TINY when printing?


I use sketchup sometimes for construction drawings. When I have an image on the screen, the dimensions are large and easy to read, but when I try to print it out, it makes the numbers so tiny that I end up having to go in with a pen/pencil and writing them in manually after the fact. Kind of defeats the purpose. Shouldn’t a printed image be the same thing I see on my screen? If not, why?

Is there something I am doing wrong, or just a design flaw in the UI?

If that’s just the way it is, then does anyone have a quick and easy workaround?


First, you should be using SketchUp Pro, not Make. Then use LayOut in conjunction with SketchUp and do the dimensions in LayOut.

For dimensions in SketchUp you can adjust the size of the text until you get a size that is suitable.


Sketchup pro is not an option. And frankly, suggesting that I spend $695 to be able to print readable dimensions is… not really helpful.

Adjusting the size of the text makes no difference in what is outputted to print.
The font size relative to the image is more than fine on the screen, but my problem is it changes relative size when outputted to print.


Well I found a workaround.

In case anyone else has this problem, don’t try to print the model if you want to read dimensions. Instead, make the image as big as possible on screen. Then export as a 2d image. Then open that image in any other program and print – the font’s relative size remains the same as what you had on screen.


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