Exporting 2-D alters the dimensions?


I have a question to the SketchUp community. This might be a rather novice question but please bare with me.
Whenever I export a 2-D file DXF, DWG, PDF of EPS the dimensions change whenever I open it with another software.
For e.g. All the DWG. or the DXF I sent to my CNC guy was blown up to some huge geometry.
When I export EPS or PDF and open it up in Illustrator, it makes it slightly bigger.
All I need is the same exact dimesions to be transferred but it is not allowing me to do this.
I looked into the export options but could not figure it out.
If someone acknowledges this problem and can give me pointers, I would be really grateful.
Hope to hear from someone.
Thank you.

Unless the camera is set properly, the Export Options - Drawing Scale & Size field will be grayed out.

Presumably your 2D geometry sits upon the ground plane.
Then set the camera to the appropriate orthogonal top view to export a 2D DXF to scale.

Click … Camera > Standard Views > Top
Click … Camera > Parallel Projection

Something to know about exporting DWG and DXF files from SketchUp Pro.

If you export as a 2D Graphic to DWG or DXF…
Other CAD packages will recognize SketchUp’s segmented representation of circles merely for what they are … line segments.

On the other hand.

If you export as a 3D Model to DWG or DXF…
Then other CAD packages will recognize SketchUp’s segmented representation of circles as True Circles with center coordinates.

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