Exporting 2D DXF distorts dimensions

I’m having an issue trying to export a 2-d DXF file from a model. All the dimensions come out wrong in the exported file. I’m not sure what is happening because I’ve done this many times before with no problem (had parts made on a water jet from DXF files I exported from SketchUp and they were always perfect).

Not sure what software the metal shop I’ve sent the files to uses to view the dxf, but I’ve tried Autodesk Viewer site. We both got the same distortion in dimensions.

Side note: I tried using 3D export and comes out right, but the metal shop can only use 2D dxf.

Please help.

I’ve uploaded both the model file and the resulting export file.
3-4-22 Flat Layout CAD.dxf (409.0 KB)
3-4-22 Flat Layout.skp (904.8 KB)

You have the Camera set to Perspective. If you want the export to have the correct dimensions you need to set it to Parallel Projection and in this case assure the standard Front view is selected.

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I’ll try it right now.

If you want smooth curves in the export you could use a 3D dxf export instead of 2D. Still set the camera to Parallel Projection and the standard front view, of course.

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Camera setting fixed it. You, sir, are a savior as always!
Thank you very much.

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