Exporting to DXF changing dimensions



Hey there!!
Im having issues with exporting dxf file, ill include some pictures…

I have it on parallel projection but still wont work.
My problem is that in the sketchup model its 24’’ x 9’’ and then in the dxf its bigger…


try a 3D Export and see if it’s accurate…

you’ll also get true circles…



That’s interesting, could you upload the SKP file here? It could be simple.
You could PM it to me if you don’t want it public.

Also, have you opened the dxf in another cad program and measured the same dimensions you show in the SketchUp


So what i did is export it like it appears in the first photo, and then import it again to see if it stayed with the same dimensions and it did, so what i want to do now is check with the guys that are going to cut it see if its the dimensions i need…


in my experience your file needs an origin mark and to add three layers…

Layer1: group containing origin mark and outside edges

Layer2: group containing inside edges

Layer3: group containing dims

set the ‘Color by Layer’ and use Red, Green, Grey and avoid Black or White…

export 3D dxf Full Scale with Section Lines and Extensions turned off

if it’s being loaded directly into their CNC machine, they will most likely want a lower version of auto cad…

I normally, delete the faces, export and then Undo to get them back again…

post the skp and I’ll see if I have time to make a demo dxf for you using a template I received on the last job…



@john_drivenupthewall Thanks for the info John, but i found out that even when on the exporting window the sizes are different, once you see the dxf the dimensions are the same and the CNC shop im sending it too can see it very good so for now my problem is fixed!!


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