Exporting to DXF seems not to work!

Hey Guys I am having a little problem when it comes to dxf export so advice help would be strongly appreciated!!!
Atm I am trying to order up some glass for house where I build the railing.

The glass company requires them in DXF

I draw out a simple 32" x 32" square. Than I mark the square and go to “Camera” and hit “Parallel Projection”.
Than I go onto “File” “Export to DXF” and choose Inches becauses that is what I Draw it up in.
Than I choose every option possible after.

The company tells me that they have problem viewing it and when in re-import it into sketch up, my dimensions are like 100 times

Can anyone explain whati am doing wrong here,

Again thanks a lot

Hi there. I had trouble understanding what your final desired result was? Do you just want to have a simple 32x32 square in parallel projection and top view? If yes, then you did everything correctly. You only forgot to check Camera > Standard Views > Top to put the camera directly above your model.

Where exactly did you choose inches? It isn’t normally found anywhere near File > Export.
Have a look at your Units tab under Window > Model Info and make sure your Format is set to Decimal Inches.

If it was something else, please elaborate a bit more or maybe attach a screenshot or something. Cheers!

Ok now I figured something out. Something must be wrong in my configurations somewhere.
I can open up sketch up and use the “Interior production design template inch”.
Than I will draw a square 10" by 10 " piece. Now I will mark it and go to “file” export to dxf in inches.
Than when reopening sketch up in the same inch template I designed it in, than import the dxf file I just created, it will show me a 120"x120" square instead as if i had it drawn in 10’x10’ however I exported it as a 10"x10" in an inch template…

But if I draw it up in inches, in the inch or mm template, than dxf export in mm instead, now when openning the mm template and importing it, it will be all proper dimensions!!!

summerize : inch template/Inch exoport → inch template/import
10"x10" 120"x120" wrong

                 inch template/mm export    -> inch template/import
                  10"x10"                                        3048"x3048"                 wrong

                 inch template/mm export    ->  mm template/import
                  10"x10"                                       254mmx254mm              correct

                 mm template/mm export     ->  mm template/import
                  254mmx254mm                            254mmx254mm             correct     

can someone explain this?

Please don’t post the same thing multiple times. I answered in your other thread.