DXF 2D Export Not Working To Full Scale

Hi - I’m trying to export a design which is simply 12" x 10", but when I open it up to test it in FreeCAD, it shows up as many feet larger. I used the Top Perspective and Parallel Projection, but still doesn’t seem to work. My export settings look like this:


So, for example, when I open up the .DXF file in FreeCAD (or any other program), the width is not 10", but is like 20’. Can anyone tell me what I’m doing wrong, please? My .SKP file is attached. I should mention - I’m using the online version for $119: SketchUp Shop.

TestFile.skp (141.0 KB)

When I open your file I see you have the camera set to Perspective.

If you want to export to a scale, you first need to set up the Camera to Parallel Projection and set up a standard view–the Top view in this case.

Then when you set the scale in the Export panel it’ll actually make sense.

test.dxf (123.0 KB)

Thank you for the reply. I did, actually, choose the Parallel Projection which you’ve indicated - not sure why the .SKP file doesn’t reflect that. And that enabled me to check the Full Scale (1:1) box. (The Width and Height numbers are what seem to be causing the trouble, but there’s no way to edit them once the Full Scale button is checked…and I do want it in Full Scale. The Width and Height numbers appear to change when zoomed in/out, however.) I would just like the .DXF to have the 12" x 10" output. Thank you.

Forgot to add…here’s how the file you provided appears in FreeCAD:

Notice that just between those two holes is more than 10 feet.

Did you look at the DXF file that I included?

the Width and Height numbers come from the dimensions of the model window in your browser. Here I’ve changed the size of the browser window from the previous one. Those dimensions have no affect on the size of the export.

Set the import units to Inches. When I import the dxf file I get 5 inches between those holes.

By the way, when you draw circles in SketchUp make sure you drag out the radii on axis and not at some random angles as you’ve done in this model.

Hmm, odd - in FreeCAD, there’s no option to set import units. However, I can set display units, but still see a larger number, like this:


However, so I switched to QCAD and your file is perfect in there (width is 10" perfect) - I’ll show in next post.


So something must be off in FreeCAD. Thanks for explaining about the Width/Height setting not affecting it.

Question, though: when I do the same exact export, the measurement of my file, in QCAD, looks like this:

Why do I get a width of 11.2", and you got 10"? (even your lines appear straighter)

Evidently. I imported the .dxf file I made into both SketchUp, LayOut, and DoubleCAD XT and got the same correct size. So your export is working just fine.

Noticed something else strange - my export cuts off the bottom of the file:

Did the file you provide come directly from .SKP, or did you import the .SKP and re-export it as a .DXF?

Mine came directly from SketchUp Shop.

Looking at your screen pixels, it might still be that your export is not using a parallel view and a top camera position but a slightly skewed view. And the bottom part is probably not visible on your computer screen.
Exporting 2D, top view, parallel projection from your file gives me the same results as what Dave got, 10 by 12 units as viewed in Autodesk’s DWG TrueView.

I think you’re right, but can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong. Here are my two settings prior to selecting export from the menu:

I’ve selected the central icon in both of those settings, and in that order, so I’m on the Parallel Projection when I do the export. Still come out weird and scaled oddly.

Your image on the right is showing Parallel Projection. The one on the left shows Perspective.

Yes - I clicked on the Perspective (center icon) first, and then clicked on the Parallel Project and chose the center icon. Then did the export. I just found something else. I decided to install DWG TrueView and get an informative message when I opened up the app (see first image below).

I adjusted my laptop screen display from 150% to 100% and, voila, the next export did, indeed, export the whole thing and in the correct dimensions. So that resolved the issue for that file. But, to prove that it works, I tried it out on a more complicated file and the results were different…

I tried it on a more complex file, at the 100% display setting (which resolved the prior file), and got these results:

Notice that some of the left side is cut off, as is some of the top/bottom.

My .SKP file for this more complex example is this one:

Bot_Bottom.skp (277.7 KB)

With this more complex file, which is supposed to be 12" x 12", I measured across the output and get slightly more than 13". So, I’m going to assume that, for this more complex file, the export is somehow over-zoomed by some small percentage, which is leading to some parts cutting off. Is there a way to use the LayOut extension with the SketchUp Shop version that I have?

I broke down and signed up for the Desktop trial and, voila, the export worked:

The online version, obviously, doesn’t work properly in conjunction with the computer display.

@swabygw , I think I’m going through the same issues as you do. I contacted the support for it, but they friendly asked me to post in the forum. Ok, if the forum can help me, I’m fine, but I paid +130 EUR incl. VAT for SketchUp Shop specially to be able to export to DXF, and there seems something not working.

I made the below drawing. As you can see it is 257 mm wide and 89 mm high.

Exactly like mentioned above, I’m using parallel projection, and topview.

When I use Export/DXF/2D, I select 1:1 scale. Honestly, I have no clue where the dimensions come from (574.51 and -301.62 - this is even not a ratio of my drawing)

When I import the result in “DWG TrueView 2018”, and I measure the width, then it shows 290.2062 mm.

I played with exporting a couple of days ago, and it always gives me the same (wrong) dimensions in DWG TrueView.

Additional info:

  • I’m using “app.sketchup.com
  • I tried it in Google Chrome (not via de app), but exporting gave same result
  • I also exported as DWG/2D, but the same (wrong) dimensions are shown

I have attached both skp file as exported dxf.

My solution so far: I export as DXF with wrong dimensions (I have not much other choice) and import it in the free tool LibreCAD ( LibreCAD - Free Open Source 2D CAD ). I calculate the scaling factor (257/290.2062 = 0.885577), and use this to scale the drawing in LibreCAD. Then I just save it. Although this is an intermediate step, it works as a charm!

PCB FCU.skp (124.0 KB)
PCB FCU.dxf (257.1 KB)

What do you get with this .dxf file? I exported it from SketchUp Shop and imported it into a CAD program as well as into LayOut. It is perfectly sized for me.
Bot_Bottom.dxf (1.1 MB)

LayOut is not an extension and it does not work with SketchUp Shop.

I’m sorry but I can’t agree with you on this. It works fine with no special gymnastics or anything.

@DaveR Your DXF file seems to show the correct dimensions.

With all respect, please don’t say that it working. We have 1 person (you) that seems to be able to correctly export, but we have 2 persons (swabygw and myself) that seem to have the same, unexplainable issue. We seem to use exactly the same steps as you do, but still, there is a difference. So there must be some setting that we overlooked.