SketchUP Pro Cannot export to exact scale

Dear Community,

I am using SketchUp Pro to try export a DXF file to exact scale. It should be 2462mm wide by 1220mm in height.

However, as illustrated below, the dimensions are showing as 4420.6795mm wide by 2093.8357mm in height. Considerably enlarged. I have also ticked the full scale (1:1) option.

So, I was hoping someone could kindly point me in the right direction to have it exported correctly?

This is for a 2d DXF [losing all layers etc].
Is this what you want ?
Have you set the view to Top, with Perspective OFF and View > Zoom Extents ?

Alternatively try a 3d DXF [keeping layers etc] and sidestepping scaling issues as it’s always ‘full-size’…

@TIG I have indeed. Tried 3d DXF too it still isn’t exporting correctly.

I have attached the files here.

VISH TEST1.skp (82.6 KB)
board sides 1220 2440 VP3.dxf (80.1 KB)

your DXF is fine, how did you have evaluated that it is incorrect?

Be aware, that DXF/DWG data is in general dimensionless, therefore configure the used unit in the destination aplication before importing.

For evaluating DXF/DWG data you may want use the free ODA Drawings Explorer f. Windows, macOS & Tux.

When I click options during export the dimensions for drawing scale and size are not the correct 2642mm by 1220mm.


Opening the dxf back up in illustrator sizing looks correct. However, importing the dxf into my TPAeditor for the CNC machine the dimensions are wrong and and match those shown in the drawing scale and size section

I’m confused. Aren’t the width and height shown in the export options the dimensions of the drawing page (i.e. the SketchUp view), not of any particular object in the model itself?

Changing units in model info before import to MM. Then zoom extent etc… even though them dimensions are wrong is exporting correctly.

@slbaumgartner I have no clue what them dimensions are for.

Were are you getting the numbers 2462 and 1220 from?

I checked, and indeed those are the height and width of the current view window expressed in model units. If you uncheck “full scale”, you can enter a value into one of them to determine the model units size of the view for export (the second one will be automatically calculated based on the aspect ratio of the view - this is not a way to alter that ratio). And, as I noted before, these are the size of the window, not the size or scale of any particular object in the model itself.

And, like @eneroth3 I wonder where you got those numbers. Tape measure tool gets 2361.4560 x 1211.1065 as the corner to corner dimensions when I open the skp you provided.

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The dimensions shown are the dimensions of your SketchUp screen, not the objects in it.


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