Export to dxf - unintentional scaling (?)


I am testing sketchup pro 2023. I have designed a simple box for laser cutting. The Laser Cutting Service asked for a dxf-file, so I used the export to dxf function. First time I did it, the dxf file contained the right measurements, second time - same file, just added a lid and no measurements where changed - the export file is ( probably ) wrong as the lasercutting service send me a much bigger (scaled that is) version of what I needed. So how could this have happened? I cannot change a scale ( fixed 1:1 in testversion ).
Used metric system, so did the service provider.

Autocad Version used for export was 14 , the default setting. Any ideas what I could have done wrong?

Have you changed your model units?
Were you exporting a 2D or a 3D file? If 2D, were you accidentally exporting from a Perspective view?

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Use the 3D export option - this carries actual metadata about the scale of the model and other bits and bobs.

The 2D one just draws what is one screen, at your current zoom level and saves the vectors into a DXF container.
I think it writes some data based upon what is entered in the options, but it’s easy to get it wrong.

and as Anssi is suggesting, if the camera is set to perspective, you are seeing a perspective camera view of your object at a fixed distance with a certain focal length - which will change what you get too!