Exporting 1:1 .dxf not working



I´m trying to export to .dxf for lasercutting but the scale is off. I´ve set view to parallel projection but when I go into exporting options the 1:1 option is not available and I can´t scale it manually. If I set both drawing and model to 1,0mm the width and height go bananas. If I try to enter A2 measurements into the width and height they go bananas.

Basically I can´t get a 1:1 scale on export.



The screen shot indicates you aren’t exactly on a standard view. In Parallel Projection with the standard top view, you wouldn’t be able to see the blue axis.


I did. Top left corner says “top”.


Select the Top view and Parallel Projection again. If it was really the top view, the blue axis wouldn’t be visible.


Weird, now it works. But why can´t I manually enter the A2 size of 420x594mm?


The .dxf ends up being 420x805,7mm not 420x594mm.

What am I doing wrong in Sketchup?


There´s some invisible weirdness going on. If I make it into a component it looks like this:

There´s nothing there?


Can you upload the SKP file so I can have a look? There’s got to be something there.



84HP 60mm LASER SKIFF.skp (160.3 KB)


Some where in the box there’s a line segment that is ~0.6mm long.

I found it by opening the group for editing and then dragging a right to left selection box through the bounding box without hitting any of the geometry I knew you wanted to keep.

After hitting Delete and closing the group, selecting it shows it as you’d expect.


Thanks, I got it! I must´ve screwed something up. Noobie alert! :slight_smile:


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