Export to dxf file doesnt come out with true sizes

I am trying to export a 2D graphic to DXF. When i open the file in Sketchup again, its bigger in size and somehow it has rotated a few degrees. (see image)

On the laser cutter software the exported file is also bigger than what i drew in SketchUp.

I need it to be very accurate since i want to use it with the laser cutting machine. Any tips on how to fix this?

Try this,
Camera/Standard View/Top
Camera/Parallel Projection
File Export 3d Model

This should align it correctly and using the 3d export you should get true arcs rather than segmented curves.

Thanks! This seems to have done the trick. :slight_smile:

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When you use the 3D Model export option, camera view and projection type don’t have any effect on the result.

From my experience, various software that imports .dxf into a 2d format needs it to be this way, otherwise you get skewed shapes. Many many forum posts can attest to this as this simple advice has fixed the error.

Either way it doesn’t hurt.