Trouble maintaining dimensions when saved as DXF?

I create something in SUPro and when I save it as a DXF and my CNC operator opens it in his Vectric program, my dimensions have been altered?
Any Help!?

There are some possible reasons:

  1. If you export a 2D DWG or DXF file, your camera must be set to Parallel Projection and your view point to a standard view (top, front,…) for the export to be to scale
  2. SketchUp exports using the units you are currently using. The receiving application should be set to use the same units when importing - automatic unit detection does not always work.

Note that even if you are exporting a simple flat path for a CNC cutter, exporting as a 3D model might give better results, as in 3D exports arcs and circles are retained, whereas a 2D export breaks everything to straight segments.



Thanks so much!
That helped get us in the right direction.