How do hold dimensions

When I export a 2d graphic as a dxf the dimensions do not hold. ( cutting parts on a plasma table). Is there some way of making the dimensions export rigth?

What do you mean the dimensions don’t hold? Are you setting the Camera to Parallel Projection and selecting the appropriate Standard View?

Ok 2 questions, is it a 10 / 100 / 0,1 / 0,01 factor ? and what software are you using for the plasma table ?

because, it depend on the software you’re opening your DXF into.
when I export a DXF from SU, it’s at the right size. If I open it in Qcad or Autocad, it’s the right size.
but when I import it in Illustrator, by default, it’ll switch to 1 unit = 1mm, regardless of my SU unit (pretty sure it’s to avoit 1:1 scale drawings, illustrator has a max size). This afternoon, making paper art, SU file in cm, so I had to importe at a 10 scale in illustrator.
I had the same issue a few years ago with my laser cutter’s program, but as I almost never went straight to the cut without a pass in illustrator (at least to set colours), it didn’t bother me.

I do a fair bit of laser cutting and routing from my SketchUp models. I always had problems with the exported dxf files. I couldn’t get line work to export as appropriate layers, everything is exploded (no poly lines) and radii are the usual SketchUp mess. My solution was to always run the file though Archicad or autocad prior to loading to the laser/router and fix everything up. This was a real headache when the design was evolving during the routing process.

I was always exporting as a 2d dxf but recently saw a Sage on here say you should use 3d dxf model export. So the work flow I’m trying now is move all my parts to a new file. Lay them flat. Make them 2d. Move to appropriate tags. Export as a 3D dxf model.

This seems to solve the layer problem but radii are still stuffed. Some appear some don’t.

Thanks @ateliernab for the tip to run the file through illustrator for post export editing. I hadn’t thought to use it instead of the other cad software!