Help! Exporting dwg or dxf to water jet or plasma cutter


I did it once but forgot how :frowning:

I want to export multiple items one at the time though into this online engine which allows me to import dxf or dwg.
This engine allows me to order plasma or water cut steel items

But my exports run out of scale and dimension.
Must be something in settings i am missing.

The items do show up correctly without faults in them.
Jus the dimensions differ, verry verry mutch.

Did it one year ago and everything worked fine, had a blast
But now i am missing out on something, good brain i have hey ;(

I need to order fast since clients wait.

Thanks in advance!

Post the model so we do not have to guess what its wrong. My guess is items are not solids. Use Solid Inspector 2 to see where the errors are.

@Littleart Assuming these are 2D drawings that you are sending off to be cut: 1) Make sure your camera is set to Parallel Projection 2) Zoom to extents so that the exported drawing is centered on the origin.

I follow these two steps every time I send a drawing off for laser cutting, and never have an issue with dimensions. The only time I have is when I forgot to do the above steps!


This one thing, parallel perspective :wink: