When exporting Sketchup Files with DWG, DXF, to suppliers my entities are all broken up and unusable

Thank you extremely much for viewing my post. The Sketchup Community has always helped me and I truly feel lucky to have you kind people in my corner

I been having a problem for many years exporting part files when I design with Sketchup Pro.
I’ve tried sending DWG, DXF and even PDF’s out of desperation.
Still my vendors complain that my part design entities are all broken up and unusable. Straight lines are all fine but circles and radius’s are useless to them and they can import it for laser cutting.
I even design 10 times larger then reduce it before sending but that still don’t work.
I must be doing something very wrong.
Can anyone help me find a better way.
Thank You Very Much and please remain happy and safe !
Sincere Regards

It would be useful if you shared a sample SketchUp file of one of your prats so we can see what you’re working with.

In general if you export a 3D dwg or dxf, curves will not be shown as short line segments like they are in 2D exports.

Thank you Dave !
I have been exporting 2D all this time. I’ll give it a try my friend and see if I export it in 3D is the key.
I always thought that since its a laser pattern you would just need a 2D.
I’ll let you know if that works.
Again Thank-You !

Well, 2D makes sense in your case but the exporter SketchUp uses for 3D dxf/dwg export works differently than for 2D. Not real obvious. I guess it’s one of those handy secrets to know about.

Hi Dave,
Yeah that didn’t work out. Please check my file out and let me know what you think my friend.
He showed me what they received and it looked like I did everything with a sharpy :frowning:
Thank you so much for your time Dave, its truly appreciated !!!

4-20-20 Flat Blank.skp (2.0 MB)

Some more info on exporting true arcs

Sorry. I made the assumption that the segments in your curves were welded together. They aren’t though.

You would need to go through the model and weld the curves. Since there are so many curves to do, I would let Eneroth Auto Weld do it.

Also, since the pattern needs to be flat, I would erase anything that makes it 3D. There are some extra edges. This is a top view.

See if this works any better.
4-20-20 Flat Blank.skp (366.4 KB)

Hi Dave,
Ok now I’m lost :slight_smile:
Is Eneroth Auto Weld something I can buy. I’m soo sorry about my lack of knowledge on the welded together thing and the Auto Weld.

Yes. It’s an extension available in the Extension Warehouse.

No need to apologize.

I’m on it thank you very much Dave ! I’ll give it a try.

These days we’re all on something. :smiley:

Did you try the file I attached?

Yes I sure did Dave ! Thank you
I’m waiting to hear how it worked out. I can see how it patches things up real nice.
Is it best to send him a dwg 3D or dxf 3D to laser out the pattern.

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