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Hi guys, I’m back again following a period of tranquillity. I’m using SKU Pro 2021 and trying to export 2d images into Autocad for laser cutting. I’m exporting as a 3D file
Basically I’m still getting segmented, even broken curves. I’ve welded the lines and that seems to have solved the broken curves. Also, some of the uploads show a 3D Autocad image with a very faint white line image on a pale grey background.
I hope this is something I’m doing wrong so I can fix ittest.skp|attachment (78.3 KB)
test.dwg (24.5 KB)

hello, if you want to export 2D, why do you export 3d ?
make sure you set the camera to paralell projection & top view before exporting 2d dwg

In making 2D exports, the approximations to circles in SKU are replicated in Autocad. Autocad has true circles that are necessary for laser cutting. Exports in 3D resolve this problem - or rather used to.

I don’t really understand why you don’t draw it in autocad then, nor what the problem is.

Your skp file did not upload correctly, can you upload it again and precise what result your are expecting ?

I find skp’s dxf export better export than dwg.

What you say about true curves is correct. Also the 3D export saves you having to set a top view, or parallel projection.

Your example seems ok, though when imported into SketchUp or LayOut it does come in as segments.

Hello all I’m having the same problem with exporting circles from SU 2021 pro into autocad.
I’ve tried exporting as .dxf and .dwg as both 3d model and 2d graphic. All exports fail to give me a circle that can be recognized by autocad. Any help?
I’ve attached the SU file

steel plates.skp (1.1 MB)

Does this work for you?

steel plates.dxf (217.3 KB)

I noticed incorrect tag/layer usage in your model.
Screenshot - 2_3_2021 , 7_19_14 PM

Hi Dave. I loaded the steel plates.dxf into Autocad viewer and it was barely legible (white outline on light grey background. I’m currently using the following process which is a major headachefish 2.dwg|attachment (29.8 KB) fish 2.skp (36.4 KB) fish.dwg (19.0 KB) fish.skp (21.3 KB)
I made an example fish.skp, a 2D form made of 12-segment arcs. I exported this as a 3D model, fish.dwg. Same illegible image in Autocad viewer. I imported fish.dwg into fish.skp and, apart from a break in the arcs not evident in the sky model, the arcs are true albeit showing 37 segments. I then saved this as fish2.skp with both the original fish model and the corrected imported fish.dwg. I then exported this as a 2D model (camera on parallel) and then viewed fish2.dwg on AutoCAD viewer. Good result but strangely the original fish image doesn’t have the arcs corrected.
In summary, the process is ball-aching but it works to get readable dwg files for laser cutting machines.

If you had read this thread you would already know that the answer is simple: export as 3D model, not 2D graphic.

Your AutoCad background and line colours depend on your AutoCad settings, not on the file @DaveR posted. Select a darker model space background.

Hello Dave, I’m not sure what I did wrong with the tags could this be the problem?
I did download the .DXF file you posted and it is still showing up with the circles represented as octagons in Autodesk DWG TrueView 2021. Is your DXF file showing circles when you open it in autocad?

Yes sir, I did read the entire thread. I’ve done the export as a 3d model and the circles are still opening as octagons in Autodesk DWG TrueView 2021. The viewer does not recognize any circles.

This is what the 3d model exported circles look like in Autodesk DWG TrueView 2021

If I’m doing something wrong in SU I’d love to know.

I doubt the incorrect tag use has anything to do with what you are seeing. I actually suspect TrueView. In your screen shot the circles are represented by octagons. If the DXF recorded the circles as segmented as they are in SketchUp, then TrueView ought to be showing them with 24 sides, not 8. I opened the dxf file I made from your model in DoubleCAD and in OnShape and both of those show circles.



Any lack of smoothness in these is due to low res of the screen shot.

As for the incorrect tag use, Untagged should always be left active. Edges and faces should be created and left untagged. Only objects (groups and components) get other tags.

What do you see with the List command?
AutoCad and its siblings, too, still display circles and arcs as polygons. The number of vertices shown is controlled by the Viewres system variable. I have noticed that Viewres is set to a lower value in TrueView than in full AutoCad.
This is What Dave’s DXF looks like in my TrueView 2021

Here*s how you control circle display in TrueView options:

wow, thanks everyone. Both Dave and Anssi. True view is seeing the polygons as circles and is able to give me a center and diameter. I don’t care too much about how this looks on my screen (although I did change the viewers variable from 100 to 1000 and that helped on my screen) The importance is that I can get a DXF to the person cutting these plates.
Thank you guys. My apologies for the redundancy of this issue, I just couldn’t figure out why my exporting wasn’t working. I’m glad it was user error for the autodesk software and not SU!!!

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