Export to Autocad

Hi guys, I’m back again following a period of tranquillity. I’m using SKU Pro 2021 and trying to export 2d images into Autocad for laser cutting. I’m exporting as a 3D file
Basically I’m still getting segmented, even broken curves. I’ve welded the lines and that seems to have solved the broken curves. Also, some of the uploads show a 3D Autocad image with a very faint white line image on a pale grey background.
I hope this is something I’m doing wrong so I can fix ittest.skp|attachment (78.3 KB)
test.dwg (24.5 KB)

hello, if you want to export 2D, why do you export 3d ?
make sure you set the camera to paralell projection & top view before exporting 2d dwg

In making 2D exports, the approximations to circles in SKU are replicated in Autocad. Autocad has true circles that are necessary for laser cutting. Exports in 3D resolve this problem - or rather used to.

I don’t really understand why you don’t draw it in autocad then, nor what the problem is.

Your skp file did not upload correctly, can you upload it again and precise what result your are expecting ?

I find skp’s dxf export better export than dwg.

What you say about true curves is correct. Also the 3D export saves you having to set a top view, or parallel projection.

Your example seems ok, though when imported into SketchUp or LayOut it does come in as segments.