Sketchup Pro 2020.2

Hi guys, some time ago I received great help regarding export of SKU files to dwg with true arcs and circles. Something has gone wrong!! I have a 2D SKU file and exporting it as a 3D dwg file with faces and not edges selected, I get a 2d dwg but with segmented arcs. With edges and not faces selected, I get a file that Autocad viewer can’t open. If I select both edges and faces, Autocad viewer can’t open the file.

Is this an unfortunate quirk with the 20.2 release or have Autocad changed their software? Help!

Guzzi brake pad.skp (176.0 KB)

When I opened your file it shows the camera set to Perspective and no standard view selected. Set the camera to Parallel Projection and select the standard Top view.

I would suggest that you also delete those stay edges and a long distance (relative to the size of the model) from the origin.

Thanks Dave, I don’t know how I got into this mess. It really isn’t a complicate shape and I’ve no idea where these spurious lines came from. I’ve redrawn the shape for the third time and now the dwg file is good. Thanks again, Ken

Hi Dave, still trying to understand what went wrong. I made te design in metres and then scaled down to make millimetres. Is there something I should have done to the model after the scaling? I just cannot understand where these weird lines came from. Thanks.

I don’t know where those weird lines came from. No way from here to tell. I would just delete them.

Did you model it from scratch or did you import something? Maybe those line segments are already in your default template?