DXF and DWG export question help please

Hello everyone. I am new here and thanks in advance for the help. I need to know if a downloaded file in Sketchup Pro as a dwg and dxf will import the same way as a solid works file and run in my vendors CNC laser cutter and sheet metal bending equipment. Is there a file that someone has or can generate that I can test? Something as simple as a 12x12 square with a hole in the middle? I need to see before purchasing the Pro version. Thanks

Here you go then.

Square.skp (213.8 KB)

Thanks simonbevans
What I need is a file that has already been converted and saved as a dxf and dwg.

exported w/ the 3D DXF/DWG exporter for keeping the circle to be a true, analytic entity and not being slabbed to a polygon using the 2D exporter.

View: top
Projection: parallel
Unit: Millimeter
Faces: w/o
DXF/DWG version: 2000 (AC1015)

Square.DXF2000.dxf (544.0 KB)
Square.DWG2000.dwg (206.7 KB)

for evaluating the exported DXF/DWGs you may want use the free ODA Drawings Explorer f. Windows/macOS/Tux.

Awesome. Thanks! Perfect

OK, I bought the Pro version. Why do my circles still have spines like in the non Pro version?

All sketchup versions are surface based and only draw “straight” lines. You can increase the number of sides to a circle by typing a number then the letter s immediately after making a circle or polygon, ex 48s -enter.

For your purposes you can export true circles in dwg format using the method that @SketchUp3D_de outlined. The circle is converted during the export process.

In which case you should update your profile to reflect that or advice from here on may be wrong.

SU can handle analytic circle/arc entities internally (which is good for being exact as long as possible) but needs to interpolate them as a polygon as soon as e.g. modeling operations based on them do occur. See the element info for evaluating the current state of an entity.

Thanks everybody. I had no idea I would get this much support so quickly. Glad to be here.