Sketchup 23 DXF export issue with curves

It seems other are having an issue with dxf export in sketchup but their issues appear to be different from mine. I was helping this guy the other day work with some dxf files, he exported the dxf after making some modifications and I imported it into freecad which I am learning. But the files look like this in the pic, all curves, circles, arcs etc look like this in the pic and you cant do anything with them.

I assume you exported in 2d DWG ? if so yeah, it exports raw lines from su, ant let you deal with it.

Try exporting is as a 3d dwg file (you can remove the face to avoid weird triangles). In a 3d dwg, curves should appear as curves.
unless they were exploded in SU but that’s not the translator’s fault :slight_smile:

edit :

same file, exported as 2d / dwg and 3D / dwg (without the faces)

hmm, let me try that.

Appreciate it.

I was really hoping that it worked. I am trying to get some dxf files modified so I can give this guy who uses alibre to dimension his drawings. After exporting, all the holes are fine now and can be dimensioned, its just the radiuses that are still messed up

Upload your SketchUp file so we can examine the curves you have.

In order to be exported as a true arc the edge in question needs to retain the true radius in the meta data, and in order to have a single radius the edge must be a circle or an arc. A curve is a shape that does not have a single radius or has lost it’s meta data for that radius due to some transformation in the modeling practice. Select an edge and check the label in entity info: arcs and circles will export, curves will not. Another indicator is if the inference point for an arc center does not exist.


What version do you want me to upload it in?
1x_Cindymill_Steel_Z_Axis_Backplate_62.dxf (582.7 KB)
1x_Cindymill_Steel_Z_Axis_Backplate_6.35mm.skp (658.7 KB)

any skp would be fine I guess, if endlessfix wants to check your pre-export curves.

basically, when you export in 2D cad, you will export only what is on screen, as is on screen. a bit like exporting a jpg, or doing a (vector) screenshot.

when you export in 3d cad, you’ll export the whole file, and some elements will use their attribute : a circle is shown as a polygon in SU but clicking on it, you’ll still have the “circle” info, therefore exporting as a circle.

In endlessfix gif, you see a set of arcs and curves in SU, they’ll export as arcs and curves in 3D cad BUT as simple lines in 2d cad.

I spend so much time modifying the files I dont want to have to draw every single file again. Plus I am having a hard time drawing some of them as its not easy in CAD, I would rather just modify what I need and then export it.