DXF export issues

Hello hive mind! I’ve been having issues lately with exporting DXF files to send for laser cutting. It should just be a simple export, they are not complicated shapes, just 2D linework with some circles or arcs. Seemingly at random the circles or arcs will show up adjacent to the linework, not where it should. Sketchup file attached along with the DXF and a screenshot of what it looks like when opened in the laser program I have. The company I’m sending it to is having the same issue when they open it in their program. It doesn’t seem to matter what release I export it as, and it looks even worse if the sketchup file has faces. Help??

Battery holder unfolded DXF.skp (70.3 KB)
Battery holder unfolded DXF.dxf (50.8 KB)

Do you see the same thing with this .dxf?
Battery holder unfolded DXF.dxf (48.7 KB)

FWIW, when I open your .dxf file in DoubleCAD I see this:

Yep, exactly the same :frowning:
When I open it to simply view it in a DXF viewer for instance it looks fine like your image above. It appears to only be when opened/imported into a different program. And not always, which is why I’m so confused. Often re-tracing the geometry in a new blank file sometimes works but this time it didn’t hence why I’m hoping someone has insight as to what I’m doing wrong if anything?

Below link to a topic that has lengthy discussion about the “flipping” of arcs/circles phenomenon.
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