Dxf, dwg export’s don’t measure up in size on import (solved)

Hi,been using sketchup since version 2.
Now a (pro) user. And using it for planning work, 3d printing, lasering metal objects, so work.

Designed simple metal plates with a fixed measurement 176mm x 152mm with some holes in it. Took solid inspector to check for faults. And exported a dwg and dxf to a online laser cut program or importer.

176mm x 152mm increases to 203,8mm x 176,7 mm


In both dxf and dwg.

Can anyone help, need these fixtures this week, first time using this online steel cut interface.

3D printing works wel, so I don’t get it…

Help :wink:

Could be the way you are exporting. Did you set up a standard view of the model with the camera set to Parallel Projection?

Are you exporting as 2D or 3D dwg/dxf?

It would help if you share the .skp file so we can see what you have.

It’s al 2D, exported as bird’s view…dxf, dwg
Could be it.

Logged in here by phone
Wil try to share files.


Tried, top view… 2D perspective.
Out come now is 196x169,2 mm
Stil not correct… grr

vulplaat las luifel 176x152x10 test01.dwg (24.1 KB)

Can you upload the .skp file please?

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vulplaat las luifel 176x152x10.skp (23.1 KB)

Uploading or trying to a online laser cut ordering program…

When I opened your file the camera was set to Perspective, not Parallel Projection.

I fixed that.

The exported DWG is then the correct size.

Try this .dwg. Does it work correctly?
vulplaat las luifel 176x152x10 dr.dwg (26.7 KB)

Going to try that, thanks!

H E R O !
Thnx, learnd sketchup my own way… long run.
once one can ask for help, thnx! it works!

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