Why does the text scale up and down when zooming?

Why does the text scale up and down when zooming?
Very odd and unnecessary behavior.
No controls are available.
Also can not be rotated, exploded, or locked at one scale.

Why why why?

Are you talking about text in SketchUp? Do you have the text’s size set to Height instead of Points? If you set it to Points it won’t change size as you zoom.

It is unnecessary behavior if you don’t want it to happen but it is user controllable.

ok that worked but that makes no sense.
Both Points and Height are measures of height so why would changing the measurement scale change the behavior?
What about rotating and exploding?
I often need to manipulate text beyond the type settings.

It does make sense. Points are paper size, not a model space size. When you set the size to Height the size becomes a model space height.

No. What would you explode in text?

Use LayOut for text, not Sketchup. You’ll have a lot more control over the text.

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I do not need Layout for this project.
I will use only Sketchup whenever possible and prefer to place my annotations in the design space not a layout space.

I hope they are not trying to force us to use Layout that would be a very bad decision.
It would also be good to be able to adjust a whole group of text. I could only adjust 1 at a time.

Thanks again Dave.

The text controls in SketchUp have been the same for more than 15 years. It’s unlikely they will change anytime soon. Personally I don’t use the dimensions and text tools in Sketchup because the text is rasterized in images and that doesn’t look professional at all.

Best wishes.

oh that is interesting . . .
Does Layout create vector based content and SU only export rasterized images?
Some of the export formats are vector documents.
Does SU rasterize the output even if it is going to a vector destination?

That would be odd.


If you are exporting images from SketchUp they will be rasterized that’s what .jpg and .png files are.

LayOut creates vector text like a word processing application. The viewports from the SketchUp model can be rendered as raster or vector or a hybrid of the two. Vector and Hybrid give you vector line work which will appear much sharper.

If you export a vector file you’ll get vector linework from SketchUp.

You can adjust all of the leader text or all of the screen text or all dimensions at one time in SU. Use Select all leader text or the other appropriate button.