Dynamic Text

Hello All,
I am in the process of drawing 2D floor planes for a house. When I add my room dimensions or text notes the text is dynamic & stays the same size as I pan in & out.
How do I enter text notes or dimensions without this happening?

You’re working in SketchUp Free, the web-based version? The web based versions don’t offer an option to make the text change size as you zoom in and out. They remain the same size on screen.

In Sketchup Pro you can set text to have a real-world height if needed. It would be actually better to be adding dimensions and annotations in LayOut.

Yes, I’m working in SketchUp Free the web-based version.
You mention that it would be better to add dimensions & annotations in LayOut.
Is LayOut part of SketchUp, if not can it be utilized with SketchUp or would I have to start my drawings from scratch?

LayOut is part of the SketchUp Pro package. It is not available with SketchUp Free. You would not have to start your model from scratch, you could open it in SketchUp Pro from your Trimble Connect account.

Depending on how you’ve created the model, you may find some of it would be better redone but at least you should be able to start with what you have.

Is this house plan you are working on a hobby thing for you or is the plan actually going to be used for permitting and construction?

Thank You For quick response!!