Dimensions in layout cannot be modified

I linked to a Sketchup scene in layout and then put some dimensions on my viewpoint in Layout. The dimensions didn’t match the dimensions in Sketchup and after making a few adjustments to my model, I went back to layout, rendered the changes from Sketchup, and several of my dimensions in layout could not be selected to be changed or deleted. They act like they are attached to the model rather than to the viewpoint in Layout.

Never mind, it fixed itself. Somehow, dimensions got into my sketchup model. (I don’t know how). Once I deleted them from my model they disappeared from my layout viewpoint.

Someone would have had to put them there for them to show up. You can’t add dimensions to the SketchUp model with the Dimension tool in LayOut.

thanks. I’t a mystery how I did it.

Sleep modeling? :slight_smile: