Dimensions messed up placement in LayOut

Ok, probably drawing dimensions in Layout is the proper way but it’s too late. I made them all in SketchUp and there they stay in place. But when I insert model to Layout, dimension numbers appear too far from dimension lines and generally in messed positions. Can I fix it?
The position in certainly correct in Raster mode but I’m interested in Vector mode.

I screenshot - LO (output)
II screenshot - SU (source)

Could the dimensions be on their own layer and scene overlaid with the other viewport (are they OK in raster --with the rest in vector?).

Surely this is some workaround but not quite clean. Preferably I’d have everything in vectors. I think this is a bug that needs to be fixed (as many things is sketchup…).

I was just thinking about fixing your current job.

Sure, thanks!
I think I’ll move this thread to feature/fix requests.

Wouldn’t it be easier just to redo them in LO. Much better, more customisation…

This has to do with the sizing option you used for the dimensions. If you must dimension in SketchUp, set the dimension size to an appropriate fixed height, not a point size. As the others have said, it would be better to do the dimensioning in LayOut instead.

If you are using components, try keeping the dimensions inside the component. Hope this workout !.

Of course that can create a whole lot of redundant dimensions.

:+1: but we can keep in the layers and control dimensions visibility based on the requirements and views with only required dimensions. Am I right?

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Have done this myself and the suggestion of some of our great sages here.

I suppose but it would be very convoluted. If you assign a tag/layer to the dimensions inside a component, those dimensions will have the same tag/layer in all the other instances. That doesn’t make it easier to limit the visibility.

From long experience, the best option for dimensioning is to add them in LayOut. That gives you the best control over where they are relative to what they are dimensioning and their appearance.


Ok. Done

FWIW, it’s also important to consider the impact adding things like dimensions has on the component/group for other use. For example.the cutlist extensions report the dimensions of the component/group bounding box. Dimensions added into a component will result in incorrect dimensions in the cutlist. The Case side in this model is 14 in. wide not ~19-3/4 in.


@DaveR, thanks for the detailed information with an example

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