Layout Dimensioning: Append "+/-" as prefix to dimension

It seems to be pretty common place to see +/- on plans these days, so I’m actually surprised that the dimension panel has no option to add a tolerance indicator.

For instance, I want to suggest to a framer on my plans to recheck a measurement before detailing his/her top and bottom plates when laying out his/her wall. It suggests that I know that the real-world may call for something else AND it hasn’t been properly measured yet. Therefore, it has to be checked before the building process can proceed AND may differ from the plans slightly.

Can anyone respond to the rationale on this one?

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Technically it would be better to add a note indicating tolerances for dimensions or to check dimensions from the as-built. If there are only some that need to show that you can add that easily enough. Either add the +/- and a value or add an asterisk to link to a note on the page.

If you got a whole bunch of them to add, reoccuring on several sheets in a “Renovation” or “Addition” context–then someone might want to add them quickly, instead of typing it back in. Sometimes you don’t know which ones are to be exact or loose till later in the layout process. Does that make sense? Could be more subjective :tipping_hand_man:

I get it. It still makes sense to me to add a note indicating the dimensions should be confirmed against the as-built. That would save you having to figure out which dimensions need to be marked as such anyway.

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That’s a good point

The contractors that I work with don’t want or need to be told that sort of stuff.i expect they would ignore it anyway. I had one contractor say to me, “You aren’t going to tell me where to put the studs, are you?” For that project all he needed was was a general view and overall dimensions. The project turned out exactly as I designed it.

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It’s funny you say that–I’m designing a PWF Foundation for this one and a lot of it has to be point loaded, so there’s a lot of reverse engineering. Rafters, studs, blocks, and studs again all have to line down to the footing. So I did my best to calculate everything ahead of time. I may be building it anyways, so we’ll see.

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