Annotating tolerances

Is there a way to use maybe the measurement tools or dimensioning tools to show tolerances? Like, if I want to have a dimension on a cube and I want to say that it is within 0.01" or something like, for example 10" ± 0.01"

Replace the value by <> ± 0.01"

p.s. the notation <> keeps the value associated to the geometry.
Any change you make to the text needs to be repeated by replacing the actual value by <>
So if you had typed 10" ± 0.01" then changes to the geometry won’t be shown.

In the web versions you won’t see the < >. It’ll look like this when you double click on the dimension.
Screenshot - 2_7_2021 , 1_35_56 PM
I added the ± symbol instead of using +/- And it looks like this when it’s done.
Screenshot - 2_7_2021 , 1_36_22 PM

thanks to you both; and thanks for flagging the web version (which is what I am using)