Tagging dimensions

Is there a way to set dimensions so they are automatically placed on a specific tag, so that you don’t have to do it automatically. I want them there so I can switch them on and off for referencing as I build my model. This would also be a nice feature to have saved with your components, so they would always show up on your preferred tag.
Thanks in advance.

I’m not understanding how you would use that in your modeling but you could make the Dimensions tag active when you place dimensions. Just remember to make Untagged active again before you create and new geometry or edit existing geometry.

Thanks. I want them on when I am comparing the sizes of different areas within a model. In this case I modeled my house, like just about everyone here. I did it by measuring the walls for placement of doors and windows. So I have all of the opening sizes and I will look at them when I go to place the correctly sized doors and windows in the openings. I would prefer to eliminate a bunch of remeasuring. It is a manufactured home so you can imagine all of the odd cuts and offsets I have to deal with.
Thanks again.

I see. Well hopefully you can manage with the the suggestion above.

That is perfect. I don’t need to do it all the time, just in some weird situations.

A little added tip, you can always use Model info/Dimensions to select all the ungrouped dimensions in your model and then use Entity info to assign them all to the same tag in one go, incase you missed any.

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I looked at that but couldn’t get it to pull up the entity info on them. I’ll have to look again.

Best bet is to always have entity info open when you are modelling. Then just select them and assign the tag.

Are you looking at Model Info or Entity Info?

Like this.
Tag dims

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I was doing like you are but the info was in the right panel space and didnt show when I clicked.

They are inside a group that is why I didn’t get the info.

Which is why I said this above.

I don’t know what that means.

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You should be very careful using colloquialisms on international websites. Where I come from both of those were enough for me to put you on my ignore list.

I will remember that.

Thank you, I have deleted both of them.

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That’s a neat trick. I see you can do the same with text.

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