Dimensioning visibility

SketchUp Training Series: Dimensions seems a fairly complete discussion of dimensioning.

Dimensions can’t, like drawn entities, be selectively shown/hid through the outliner.

I thought it would be a good idea to create a number of tags (Cab1 dims; Cab2 dims, etc.) and move each dimension (using Entity Info) from Untagged to one of the specific tags. That way I can selectively turn on/off the appropriate tag.

Is this what you would recommend?

Sometimes it would be nice to have the same dimension show up when different tags are toggled. Is it possible to add the same dimension (or the same entity, for that matter) to more than one tag?

In answer to your first question, yes. Assigning tags to non-geometric entities such as dimensions is fine.

Regarding the second one, alas no. As of SketchUp 2021 you can only assign a single tag to anything.

A) According to Controlling Visibility with Tags | SketchUp Help if one creates a tag folder with no tags hilighted, that folder should appear on the same level as “Untagged”. When I do so, it makes it a subfolder of Untagged. What am I doing wrong?

B) If I create tags and tag folders in Pro 2021 will those all be transported to earlier and the free version of SketchUp?

A: untagged is not a tag folder and can’t have sub folders. Can you share an example so we can try to sort out what you are seeing/doing?

B tag folders do not exist prior to 2021. If you save from 2021 to an earlier version I believe the folders will be discarded and the tags flattened into a simple list.

K_4_WF.skp (246.9 KB)

As you can make out, I’ve hardly made use of tags at all, preferring to employ the outliner. (Mistake?)

(So far, I’ve dimensioned with the shelf doors, hidden) I made them visible to ask why the “shelf doors” on the right came out bluish…)

Woops, forgot to include the example with the forbidden Untagged SubFolder.

Here it is.K_4b_WF.skp (258.0 KB)

What do you mean when you say Untagged is not a is not a tag folder–It is a tag repository, in fact, the repository recommended to (at least initially, while the model is being built) hold all tags. Right?

What about that model makes you think you have a subfolder of untagged? Here’s what I see in the Tags window:

Perhaps you are confused by the little > symbol next to your “test tag folder”? That marks something that could show or hide content, in this case a folder When you click that symbol, it changes to a down caret and the GUI expands to show its contents. In your model the folder has none, but the symbol toggles anyway. This is pretty standard UI for expand/collapse containers. The > symbol does not mean that tag is a subfolder of the tag above it, in this case “untagged”.

Please don’t coin arbitrary terminology. SketchUp has nothing known as a “tag repository” and tags don’t contain anything. Think of them as something you can attach to an object, like a luggage tag. You can attach the same tag to multiple objects to control their visibilitry at the same time, just as you could attach a tag with the same address info to each piece of your luggage.

"Untagged" actually means exactly what it says: “things that have no user-defined tag attached to them”.

They are bluish because the faces are reversed, showing their back sides.

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Is this the indent you’re asking about?

I wonder how I managed to create inside-out doors?

Not asking, telling. You just show the windows equivalent to the Mac version I showed. It indicates an expandable folder, not a subfolder.

Oh. What confused me was that Controlling Visibility with Tags | SketchUp Help, which uses Windows examples, shows no indented tags that aren’t subtags to (presumably) the folder directly above it. So, how do I create a tag folder that is not indented?

p.s. Appreciate your terminology admonition/explanation.

On Windows, the little expand/close symbol is displayed as if it is part of the name of the tag folder, causing the actual name to appear to be at the same indent as a tag that is contained in a folder. Names of tags not in folders are not indented.

Screen Shot 2021-03-10 at 4.13.08 PM

On Mac, as my earlier example showed, there is some empty space to the left of all tag names and the expand/close symbol is inserted there, so the folder name does not appear to be indented.

There is nothing you can do about this on either platform other than to pay attention to where the symbol appears. It was a subject of controversy when tag folders were introduced because the apparent indentation may be confusing. But for now, it is what it is.