Adding dimension to SketchUp scenes

I am looking for a way to add dimension right into SketchUp but not have the dimensions carry over to other Scenes - I other words, if I create a number of scenes of various components I want to add dimensions to just the item I am showing in the scene. But, as I do this, the dimensions are showing up in all fo the scenes even if that component is not being displayed in that scene. I am sure I am missing something really simple. I realize I can use Layout but that add a whole layer of work. HelpRouter Table Cabinet.skp (155.8 KB)

Select the dimensions and assign a layer to them. Then you can turn the visibility for that dimension layer on or off per scene.

Example below. Layers are now called Tags but work the same way.

I will give that a try. And I will go back to more tutorials on layers/tags

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SU defaults to adding new Tags/Layers to every existing Scene.

There’s an extension Auto-Invisble Layer which prevents this - when activated, it limits a new Tag or Layer being turned ‘on’ to the current scene where you add it.